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Rwandan student leaders advised to explore capital market opportunities

Over 250 student leaders from all Universities and Higher Learning institutions from across Rwanda were urged to secure early their financial future by saving and investing in Rwanda’s growing capital market.

This was revealed on Sunday during the 10th Rwanda National Students General Assembly which gathered student leaders from all Universities and Higher Learning institutions in Rwanda.

Magnifique Migisha, the Coordinator for Public Education and Awareness Programmes at Rwanda’s Capital Market while addressing student leaders stressed that “Rwanda’s capital market provides an avenue through which Rwandans can invest their savings into profitable businesses as long-term capital for growth and expansion.”

He added that “The capital market plays a vital role in creating avenues for investors and companies to raise long-term funds for their investment purposes.”

Migisha added that “Apart from serving as a source of raising long-term funds, investors also approach the market to create wealth through investment in instruments traded in the market. Hence, the capital market serves as a platform to raise the needed finance.”

He further added that “The capital markets generally offer ease of access and encourage private investors to raise capital for further investments. In addition to that, the public can be able to save and invest in the available products. There is no doubt that investing in the capital market is of immense benefit to investors who most importantly invested in well-analyzed & viable stocks with a good prospect in terms of investment returns & these as indicated could only be well handled by professionals.”

Gentil Rafiki, the outgoing Guild President at IPRC Karongi said that “As youth, we really understand the benefits of saving and investing in the stock market as it pays back in the future so that we can be able to grow our businesses easily. In order to secure our future, we need to venture into smart savings that will guarantee sustainability, which includes venturing into the capital market and buying stock or bonds offered by different firms at the bourse.”