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Capital Market Authority, accountants pay tribute to Bisesero Genocide victims

Capital Market Authority (CMA) staff members together with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda (iCPAR), on Friday paid tribute to the victims of 1994 genocide against the Tutsi at Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre in Karongi District, Western Province.

The staff members and partners of CMA and iCPAR honored the over 50,000 victims of genocide against Tutsi at Bisesero Memorial and learnt from their bravery and resistance over attacks of Militias interahamwe during the genocide.

Eric Bundugu, The Deputy Executive Director of CMA, spoke on behalf of the delegation and remarked that the Genocide happened because there was the genocide ideology among people and therefore people should fight against the ideology and uproot any traces of it because it is like poison.

In his testimony, one of the survivors of Bisesero, Felicien Nzabamwita testified hardship times he passed through during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi and how French soldiers played a great role in the death of the thousands of innocent people that perished on Muyira (a mountain at Bisesero). To support Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre’s activities, CMA and iCPAR donated 500,000frw.

The Tutsi were only armed with stones and spears using these as their defense mechanism. Unfortunately the well-armed interahamwe, armed forces and Hutu civilians who used heavy military weaponry and stationed themselves on neighboring hills surpassed the Tutsi and this led to more than 50,000 lives lost.