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Ministry of Justice’s staff sensitized on capital market

The Ministry of Justice’s staff members participated in a public education session on Friday on how to save and invest through Rwanda’s capital market. They were advised to embrace the savings culture to secure their bright future by venturing into smart investment opportunities.


The acting Executive Director of the Capital Market Authority (CMA), Eric Bundugu noted that “The capital market is a avenue for raising long term finance through financial products issues by the Government, private and public companies. As investors in the local capital market, we need to grow domestic investments by saving and investing through the capital market products.”


He added that “CMA Rwanda has committed to carry out a number of public education initiatives meant to bridge the financial literacy gap by targeting civil servants, private sector and all people from all walks of life a by facilitating an interactive and educate them to start saving and investing through the capital market. That is why we are encouraging you to secure a bright future by availing yourselves of the available investment opportunities in Rwanda's capital market.”


The State Minister for Constitutional and Legal Affairs, Evode Uwizeyimana encouraged MINIJUST’s staff members to embrace the saving culture by investing in capital market products for them and their families. He stressed that “The capital market industry and other institutions have various products which provide Rwandans with a huge opportunity to save as well as invest in the long term. I believe that the most effective way for you to secure your bright future is to venture into smart saving and investment opportunities.”


He added that “It sometimes happens for everyone to squander income in unnecessary things either in buy unwanted things or expensively products, as professional you should not do that, instead secure your future through saving and investing for the sake of your children as well as our country.”


Capital Market Authority (CMA) is a Rwandan public institution established by the Law N°: 23/2017 of 31/05/2017 responsible for developing and regulating the capital markets industry, commodities exchange and related contracts, collective investment schemes and warehouse receipts system.


CMA derives its mandates from the Law N°: 11/2011 of 18/05/2011 establishing the CMA, determining its mission, powers, organization, and functioning. The CMA continues to maintain a conducive environment to enabling Rwanda’s economy to access long-term funding through the capital markets as well as ensuring investor protection.

MINIJUST staff advised to save and invest through Rwanda's capital market