Scholars inspired to save and invest through Rwanda’s capital market

The Rwanda’s Capital Market Authority (CMA) conducts the capital market awareness education programme at the Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA) at Masoro where more than 1500 students attended the session on Tuesday. This programme creates awareness and enhances knowledge about capital market among the scholars in the university and the public at large in Rwanda.

Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in an effort to explain students on investment options and the significance of investing at a young age. The talk was aimed at encouraging the students to invest in Rwanda’s capital market and comprehend what collective investment schemes are all about.

 “The capital market offers to university students and other young people many investments choices that can assist them strengthen their saving; youth need to plan their financial future since the capital market offers investments vehicles they can use to achieve their obligations,” stressed Magnifique Migisha, Public Relations Officer at Rwanda’s capital market.

He added that “The capital market gives youth a secure avenue for mobilizing savings, thus securing their financial future. It is very vital to build a generation of investors that will improve their savings to develop the economy.”

Dr Gervais Ndiyizeye, lecturer at Adventist University of Central Africa praises the investor education programme introduced by CMA, “This programme is marvelous and students need to secure early their financial future by participating in the nation’s capital market and they need to hold the culture of investment.”

Diana Kamikazi, a student at AUCA speaking to the New Times stressed that “This programme enabled us to get more information on how we can participate in the capital market and understand the benefits of saving.”

Students to invest in Iterambere Fund

Andre Gashugi, CEO of the Rwanda National Investment Trust Ltd (RNIT), a company that was established by the government of Rwanda with an objective of promoting the culture of saving and increase savings and investments for Rwandans.

He said that RNIT Iterambere Fund is an open and balanced fund that caters for the wealth creation aspirations of Rwandans. Through the fund unit holders participate in the capital market and the returns from the investment assets are fully passed on to the unit holders, net of fees proportional to their holdings in the scheme.

He added that “Students are urged to buy units in collective investment scheme now available in Rwanda. This is an efficient investment avenue for people who have a medium to long term investment horizon and who may later wish to availed liquidity in case of need. I call upon all Rwandans to come and invest in the future of Rwanda”

A unit will be sold at Rwf100. However, the minimum investment in the Fund is Rwf2, 000 and there is no ceiling for investments. It will be working with commercial banks and stockbrokers in a bid to help investors.

The Fund has two options: income option (with minimum investment of Rwf100, 000) and Growth option (minimum investment of Rwf2, 000), with no maximum limit.

CMA initiated a national public education programme to facilitate an interactive and educational forum to enable the general public (local and diaspora) understand the benefits of savings and investing through the capital market.

Some photos taken during the session are available here